of the Solstice

There is a sense that time stands still through the potent days just after the summer solstice: let the Gayatri or 'Song' of the body take you toward the still turning point of the year through the breath. 


In this workshop you will encounter a practice for the junctions of day and night, to make the most sacred pilgrimage, that within your own body. Expect a gentle Scaravelli-inspired yoga practice session suitable for all, and some seated learning. 


You will get to see that Sanskrit is a language of great clarity and simplicity of expression: in this workshop we will unpack some of the verses on the breath of an ancient text, the Vijnanabhairavatantra, each of them a yoga practice in its own right. But more than just the language of the transmission of any one teaching, Sanskrit is an exploration of sound in the body. It is a path of perception into our very own embodiment, into the fabric of our tissues and the vibrational matrix of phenomenal existence itself.


Investigating the Bija mantras and letters of the Sanskrit alphabet you will make the first steps into the sounds of Sanskrit from an enquiry into the locations of sound production within your own body, and gain an awareness of how the sounds of Sanskrit call us into being as a part of the phenomenal world. In this workshop you will learn to write Sanskrit characters, recognise them for yourself in selected readings, and pronounce them with a grasp of what they convey.


Experience for yourself the embodied nature of Sanskrit in a celebration of the Summer solstice at Yoga Junction.

Sunday 12.30 - 18.00 pm
June 23rd 2019

Yoga Junction, London N8

Workshop Fee: £55.00


Yoga Texts

Begin your study of Sanskrit. Grasp how it conveys meaning. Clarify what yoga texts transmit to you.