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Suitable for all, Scaravelli-inspired yoga offers a practice of sustainable wellbeing. In these small group classes I want to share with you the revolutionary approach of Vanda Scaravelli. This approach invites you to find a yoga practice just right for your own body, releasing tension, rooting into the ground, and experiencing the delight of effortless being. It is a process of undoing, of simplifying at every moment. 


Why is it called Scaravelli-inspired? Vanda Scaravelli refused to give her name to a ‘style’. She wanted you to make yoga your own: this approach aims to let you find the song of your body.


I have been working this way for twenty years, but my whole life seems to have been around yoga: born to an Iyengar yoga teacher and starting classes at twelve, I developed an early and unusual interest in yoga philosophy and studied it for twelve years at the University of Cambridge. With this grounding in Sanskrit, I trained to become a Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher, and have spent the last seven years teaching embodied philosophy on yoga teacher trainings initially for Camyoga, and now with Barefoot Body Training for whom I am a senior tutor. 


Restorative yoga shares with the Scaravelli approach the sweet experience of effortless being.  In Restorative yoga, props support the body for longer-held and effortless asana, an ancient practice. The activated relaxation response releases deep tissue tension and physiological symptoms of stress, while reintegrating the layers of our being into wholeness. 


Yoga Credentials: Tiffany holds the BWY yoga teaching diploma. A member of the AIYP (Association of Independent Yoga Practitioners) until its disbandment, she still studies regularly with Chloe Fremantle, a founder member. She is also certified to teach yoga for pregnancy and gained a distinction in teaching Restorative yoga, training with Beverley Nolan with whom she now trains Restorative yoga teachers herself!


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"Movement is the song of the body."

Vanda Scaravelli